Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Updates on Fitness, Pregnancy & Life

I realize I haven't been over here since I announced my pregnancy pretty much. Going scarce was certainly never my intention with this blog and I plan to pick the pace back up again. If you follow me here, I hope you also follow over at Style Oyster, my lifestyle blog...I've been posting regularly over there as usual, so you can catch up on the goings-on, etc. there.

I'm 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow - so the hiatus may make sense knowing that bit of information. I'm now coming out of the first trimester and starting to feel a bit more like myself (plus a protruding belly) again.

It's definitely hard to write about fitness when you're pregnant. First of all, I can't be all prenatal fitness on here because I'm almost 99.9% sure that not all of my readers are pregnant. I don't want to bore them with info they don't necessarily need right now. Second, even though I've been going to the gym regularly still, I just haven't been feeling motivated and inspired with fitness. I feel I'm more just trying to maintain some fitness and avoiding gaining too much pregnancy weight as opposed to really hitting it hard, or trying new things. And third, as far as diet is healthy as I'm trying to be...the first trimester always has me craving carbs to stave off morning sickness and it's a hard battle to win. Between that and my sweet cravings, I have no chance of being 100% health-minded this entire pregnancy.

All of that being said, I'm certainly not throwing in the towel. I make berry protein shakes in the AM, I get my ass to the gym in the mornings before work (which is more than I can say for a lot of pregnant women, or a lot of humans, for that matter), I pack healthy snacks for work and when I have the energy to make a nice family dinner, it's always a healthy meal.

Here is a picture I took of myself yesterday:

For the rest of this pregnancy, my goal is to keep up the gym regimen and watch my eating a little better than the first trimester had me doing. I think now that the nausea is fading out, I won't feel the urgency to just eat "something, ANYTHING" to keep from throwing up or passing out. {Gotta love this stuff, right?}

Being due in May, I know I likely won't be rocking a bikini this coming summer...I found this e-card to be quite appropriate for me:

Haha, there's always the following summer, right? At least I should be ready to kick it into high gear when 5K/10K/Marathon season kicks up a notch in the fall. I definitely plan on getting that half marathon under my belt next year...

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