Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Updates on Fitness, Pregnancy & Life

I realize I haven't been over here since I announced my pregnancy pretty much. Going scarce was certainly never my intention with this blog and I plan to pick the pace back up again. If you follow me here, I hope you also follow over at Style Oyster, my lifestyle blog...I've been posting regularly over there as usual, so you can catch up on the goings-on, etc. there.

I'm 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow - so the hiatus may make sense knowing that bit of information. I'm now coming out of the first trimester and starting to feel a bit more like myself (plus a protruding belly) again.

It's definitely hard to write about fitness when you're pregnant. First of all, I can't be all prenatal fitness on here because I'm almost 99.9% sure that not all of my readers are pregnant. I don't want to bore them with info they don't necessarily need right now. Second, even though I've been going to the gym regularly still, I just haven't been feeling motivated and inspired with fitness. I feel I'm more just trying to maintain some fitness and avoiding gaining too much pregnancy weight as opposed to really hitting it hard, or trying new things. And third, as far as diet is healthy as I'm trying to be...the first trimester always has me craving carbs to stave off morning sickness and it's a hard battle to win. Between that and my sweet cravings, I have no chance of being 100% health-minded this entire pregnancy.

All of that being said, I'm certainly not throwing in the towel. I make berry protein shakes in the AM, I get my ass to the gym in the mornings before work (which is more than I can say for a lot of pregnant women, or a lot of humans, for that matter), I pack healthy snacks for work and when I have the energy to make a nice family dinner, it's always a healthy meal.

Here is a picture I took of myself yesterday:

For the rest of this pregnancy, my goal is to keep up the gym regimen and watch my eating a little better than the first trimester had me doing. I think now that the nausea is fading out, I won't feel the urgency to just eat "something, ANYTHING" to keep from throwing up or passing out. {Gotta love this stuff, right?}

Being due in May, I know I likely won't be rocking a bikini this coming summer...I found this e-card to be quite appropriate for me:

Haha, there's always the following summer, right? At least I should be ready to kick it into high gear when 5K/10K/Marathon season kicks up a notch in the fall. I definitely plan on getting that half marathon under my belt next year...

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Project: Fit Pregnancy

I am DETERMINED to have an ultra-fit pregnancy this time around...not to say that I went completely overboard with the other two...I gained 30 lbs with Tanner, and 45 lbs with Breckin {but ended at the same exact weight at the end of each pregnancy - do the math}. However, I recall letting myself have a lot of things "just because I was pregnant"...things that weren't beneficial to baby...just beneficial to my sweet tooth, such as slurpees {hey, the summers are HOT here!}, Skittles, ice cream, know...just extra empty calories.

But, let's get real y'all. I'm 30. This is my 3rd pregnancy. I may not bounce back as easily. In fact, I remember struggling a bit more after the 2nd than with the 1st. I made it, but I struggled. I don't want to struggle to lose unnecessary weight that could be avoided in the first place.

Here is a pregnancy weight tracker chart for week by week based on my starting weight:

Of course, I would love to stay in the minimum range...but the average range would be OK too. I'm 5 weeks along today and as of this morning on our new digital scale, I weigh 145.6, which puts me right on track.

I'm being careful this time to plan my meals so I don't just grab something like fast food in a pregnancy craving/starving frenzy. I'm eating a lot of protein-rich foods, leafy greens, veggies and fruit. Of course getting my calcium through things like skim milk, Greek yogurt and string cheese. And downing the water like crazy...I am trying to get way more than the recommended 8 glasses...more like 12-16! So far, it's helped me stave off cravings...though I know I'm only 5 weeks. 

And lastly, I'm exercising every day. I still hit the gym after I drop the boys off at school and that is the plan for the entire pregnancy. I hope I can maintain doing a lot of what I already do, with just a few minor modifications. Currently, I do 30-40 minutes of cardio, usually on the elliptical since it's easier on the joints, and then I do weight training. I also mix in barre classes a few times a week. Starting next week, I'll be walking the Cooper River Bridge twice a week while my son has his baseball practice nearby. Exercise promotes easier labor and delivery and of course a faster bounce-back postpartum.

I'm not in maternity clothes yet, but I'm waiting for it. Everyone says they show way faster with each pregnancy...I remember showing by like 11 weeks with Breckin! Crazy! I feel my pants get a little tighter in the waist, especially near the end of the day, so I know it's coming. I think maxi skirts and leggings are going to be my best friends. Thank God for fall and winter style!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Some News...

I apologize for my absence this last couple of weeks. I've still been a loyal "gym bunny" and all...but the blogging has gotten away from me - at least over here. My husband and I actually found out some big news last week:

So yeah...eventually my workouts will have to change...but I do wholeheartedly plan on working out this entire pregnancy - God willing that nothing happens to keep me from it. So far, I've been keeping good with my goal to workout every morning after dropping the kids off to school; before I head to work. 

This next nine months, I plan to post here about fit pregnancy along with regular fitness stuff, so any of you gals that are preggers may benefit from reading!

Anyway, that's all I've got for right now...hope you will follow along with me on this fit pregnancy journey.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

School Back in Session = Gym Back in Session

Finally! Today, I dropped off my now-2nd-grader to his class on this first day of the school year. I have really been looking forward to this day for the last month now. Ever since quitting my early AM shift at the gym, I was not so regular with my workout schedule. It was always...oh, I'll get up at 5am and go...then NOT...or, I'll go after work before picking up the boys...and that only happened sometimes. I was just not my Gym Bunny self...

Now, I have the convenience of a schedule that requires I drop off my son between 7:15-7:30 at school, so I'm able to head directly across the street from his school to my gym at 7:30 and get an hour's workout in before I need to be at work at 9am. This will happen a guaranteed five days a week, my friends. I will literally have no excuse to skip. I feel sooooo much better when I have a regular workout schedule going.

Any of you able to find a better time to workout now that school is in session? Or did it make a difference either way? Or do you even have kids? {They can make scheduling workouts quite difficult!}

Last week, you may have seen my post that contained my current measurements...I was not too satisfied with them...and I am eager to see some results. I've been doing a lot better with clean eating...and now that my workouts are getting back to 5-6 days a week, rather than a staggered 3-4...I know I will feel like my old {better} self in no time.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Quinoa: Benefits & How I Prepare It

Quinoa {Keen-Wah} was discovered three or four thousand years ago by the Incas as a super-grain that was fit for human consumption. The Incas believed this grain helped greatly increase their warriors' stamina.

Here are some benefits of quinoa {via}:

1. Quinoa is one of the most protein-rich foods we can eat. It is a complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids.

2. Quinoa contains almost twice as much fiber as most other grains. Fiber is most widely known to relieve constipation. It also helps to prevent heart disease by reducing high blood pressure and diabetes. Fiber lowers cholesterol and glucose levels, may lower your risk of developing hemorrhoids and may help you to lose weight as it takes a longer time to chew than does other foods because it makes you feel fuller for longer and is less “energy dense” which means it has fewer calories for the same volume of food.

3. Quinoa contains Iron. Iron helps keep our red blood cells healthy and is the basis of hemoglobin formation. Iron carries oxygen from one cell to another and supplies oxygen to our muscles to aid in their contraction. Iron also increases brain function because the brain takes in about 20% of our blood oxygen. There are many benefits of iron some more of which include neurotransmitter synthesis, regulation of body temperature, aids enzyme activity and energy metabolism.

4. Quinoa contains lysine. Lysine is mainly essential for tissue growth and repair.

5. Quinoa is rich in magnesium. Magnesium helps to relax blood vessels and thereby to alleviate migraines. Magnesium also may reduce Type 2 diabetes by promoting healthy blood sugar control. Other health benefits of magnesium include transmission of nerve impulses, body temperature regulation, detoxification, energy production, and the formation of healthy bones and teeth.

6. Quinoa is high in Riboflavin (B2). B2 improves energy metabolism within brain and muscle cells and is known to help create proper energy production in cells.

7. Quinoa has a high content of manganese. Manganese is an antioxidant, which helps to prevent damage of mitochondria during energy production as well as to protect red blood cells and other cells from injury by free radicals.
Another great benefit of quinoa that I have personally found is that it's versatile. You can use it in placement of oatmeal at breakfast - mix it with a little Greek yogurt and some fruit and you have a protein-packed dish. I use it in salads, sometimes in place of a meat source of protein, and I like to eat it as a side dish, or in place of pasta and rice in dishes like casseroles, or even a chicken Parmesan dish. 

Some people complain that quinoa is a little on the bitter side for their taste. Here's how I cook it to rid it of the bitterness:
  1. I rinse the quinoa in a very fine strainer {the quinoa seeds are very tiny and will slip through a normal colander}.
  2. I trade out a quarter or half of the water it cooks in with 98-99% fat free, low sodium chicken broth.
I have found my method gives it more of a flavorful taste, so eating it all by itself is bearable. Obviously, for breakfast dishes, I wouldn't go the chicken broth route. I might sprinkle a little Stevia over it and mix it with my yogurt, etc. for morning dishes.

If you've never tried quinoa, I urge you to give it a go. It's so incredibly good for you.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Week Since My Last Post???

Wow, I let a week go by without posting. To tell you the honest truth, this month has been bad for me in terms of my attendance at the gym. This is why I've had no inspiration for posting on this blog this past week...and I didn't want to fill it with a lot of fluff just for the sake of posting. My readers are too good for that shizz.

It started out with planning and having a birthday party for my three-year-old and then just spiraled downward from there...the time in the day just goes by too quickly between work, family and home duties...and these last couple of weeks, I have NOT wanted to get up at 5am to get to the gym by 5:30am. I think I'm literally just waiting for Tanner's school to start back up next week when it will be easy to drop him off, then head directly across the street to my gym and workout at 7:30am. But I'm not going to wait, I'm headed to the gym after I publish this post. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I did jump on here to share something personal with y'all - my current measurements {EEKS!} This is sort of what got me back in the right place mentally for getting my workouts going on the regular again. I was not happy with them...but for the sake of accountability...and progress goes:

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 {Per the doctor's scale fully dressed. My scale broke - hold the fat jokes! - and I need a new one.}
Chest: 32"
Bust: 37"
This makes it a nice 32DD. Cheers to my Hubby! {J/K}
Waist: 30"
Hips: 37"
Waist and hips are where I feel the most improvement is needed. I've been a bit smaller in these areas and I'd like to get back to that.
Right & Left Legs {I do my legs in three spots - upper thigh, mid thigh and calf}
Upper Thigh: 23.5"
Mid Thigh: 20.25"
Calf: 14.5"
Surprisingly both legs measured exactly the same. I'd like to see a lot of improvement in the thigh region!
Another personal measurement area of mine is what I call "Saddlebags". Thanks to kids, mine are a bit larger now and I really want to see these shrink. So I've measured around myself {basically around the butt at the largest part of the saddlebag area} and it came in at 41".

So there you have it...I know a lot of my leg and butt area is muscle, but there is some fat loss to be done as well.

I have started my clean eating diet this week {will share details on that with you soon} and I am getting my ass out of this lazy gym hiatus and back to those weights and elliptical machines.

My goal is to have a progress post on this once a month. I am going to NYC in 4 months and that is my goal date to be where I want to be. {Which, I will post that objective as soon as I have some concrete numbers.} Wish me luck!

Are there any fitness goals you are looking to accomplish in the near future? Would love to hear!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Still Tasty

In an effort to plan my meals better, I've started cooking batches of things ahead of time - i.e. quinoa, tilapia fillets, chicken breasts, etc.

I've found myself wondering the proper storage for these items once cooked...and how long they will be good for. I've of course gone to the internet as my answer source. Today, I stumbled upon an AWESOME site.

Still Tasty
Still Tasty
You literally type in any kind of food...

...choose whether it's cooked or uncooked...

...and -voila!- you have your answer on the proper storage and length of time it will still be good to eat.

I told you, awesome, right?

Right now I'm eating some reheated quinoa and tilapia I made a couple of days ago. 

I feel my diet is where I need the most change. I am pretty good overall with my diet, but I do let myself indulge a little more than I probably should...and often it's due to lack of preparation. When I have my meals and snacks in a lunch cooler ready to go on work days, it makes it so much easier to stay on track.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Protein-Packed Power Breakfast

This turkey bacon and egg sandwich is a great way to start your day. It give you carbs for energy, plenty of protein and good fats. You will feel full and satisfied for hours.



Calories: 290 | Calories from Fat: 130 | Fat: 15g | Carbohydrates: 26g | Protein: 21g
Protein Calories: 84 (29%), Fat Calories: 130 (45%), Carb Calories: 71 (26%) 



Calories: 100 | Calories from Fat: 10 | Fat: 1g | Carbohydrates: 26g | Protein: 5g


Calories: 140 | Calories from Fat: 90 | Fat: 10g | Carbohydrates: 0g | Protein: 12g


Calories: 50 | Calories from Fat: 30 | Fat: 4g | Carbohydrates: 0g | Protein: 4g

*Note: This breakfast is a great option for anyone, but unless you are also exercising regularly, I recommend only using 1 slice turkey bacon and 1 egg. I exercise for one hour five days a week, so these calories are essential for muscle growth and repair. Remember, food is fuel, not entertainment!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

GymPact - Bet On Your Fitness

*This is not a sponsored post. I am just great at giving free advertising to products I personally do believe in. Because I'm so awesome at marketing by nature, this will sound like a professional ad. Companies - take note...and contact me if you want a badass review of your product. Of course, not free of charge. Thank you.*

Holy moly...It's been a week since I last posted!

Well, as bad as that is, at least I wasn't away from the gym for a week. Maybe that's my excuse for you. Yes, I haven't been blogging because I've been logging mad hours at the gym. Ha, OK, well not that crazy...just the norm. BUT, I have a feeling that I will be logging mad hours at the gym starting on Monday...

I'm checking in with you today to tell you about a new app I just installed on my iPhone last night. It's pretty dang cool. I have yet to be really involved in it enough to give a full review, but I think I'm going to like it.

Here's the preface: Money is probably one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, motivators out there, right? So what would you do if I told you that for every workout you promised to do that you didn't do, you'd have to pay $5, or more?

You probably would stop missing workouts then, right?

On the flipside, for every workout week where you completed your promised workouts, you get paid from the big money pot thanks to non-exercisers.

This app is called GymPact.

There are a few Golden Rules, of course. One major one being that you have to have proof of workout by GPS. This app syncs with RunKeeper, the running app I just so happen to use. So it will record those workouts for you automatically. Then you have to use the "Check-In" method you do via GPS to prove your ass was at the gym.

You get to choose what you promise. You can promise 3 workouts a week, or 5, or 7...whatever. BUT, don't promise what you can't truly handle because you'll be paying up. You choose whether you pay the $5 minimum, or more, per workout missed. You can link your debit/credit card or a PayPal account. They will automatically deposit any funds you earn when you tell them to disperse them to you.

Anyway, that's pretty much it. I start my pact next week. I have promised 5 workouts for next week between Monday and Sunday {that's how pact weeks run}.

Got questions? Visit their FAQ page.

Hope some of you start making workout promises and sticking to them!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Lean Mean Green Machine

Well, the good news is I think I'm officially out of my little "funk". I've sort of sparked a sort of "gung-ho" mentality that I've really needed to get back into. I've cut out wine intake for now. I've been spending my gym shift mornings {before my shift starts} doing my weight training. Additionally, even though my diet was pretty good before, I've started to be a lot more conscious of anything bad I was doing, and doing my best to put a stop to it. I've also been trying to find more ways to work in the things that need to be in my diet more than they were. One way I'm doing that is with a green drink.

PB Banana Spinach Smoothie

2 cups fresh spinach leaves
1 banana {frozen is good, but slice before freezing}
1 tbsp. natural peanut butter
2 tbsp. vanilla Greek yogurt
1 cup skim milk
{Add a scoop of vanilla whey protein if desired}

Blend all ingredients until smooth. Pour, and enjoy!

The spinach flavor is disguised so well. The drink will be bright green, but tastes delish and it's a great way to get in some good nutrients, while feeling satisfied afterward.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cut The Slack & Cut Those Abs


I've been SLACK on my Pinterest Fitness Board Challenge! Need to get back on's pin is:

abs #pinterestfitnessboardchallenge at

Good, I felt I needed to work some abs today. Adding this to my gym routine tonight.

{Psst - you really need to join in on this fitness challenge - head to your fitness pin board, pick a pin and get 'er done!}

And tonight's dinner is going to be a healthy one - something I pinned the other day:

Yum. What's on your menu tonight?

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Feeling Comfortable In My Own Skin

I'll be the first to say that my body is nowhere near perfect, not quite where it could or should be, and that despite my workout efforts and {for the most part} good eating habits, I still struggle internally about where my body is physically, all things considered. And before anyone says anything - this is not a fish-for-compliments post. I know there are people out there who think I look awesome {which I totally appreciate}, just as much as there are people out there that don't {which I can totally understand}. This is truly about how I feel about myself.

I have battled with my bad body image tendencies for years. I am somewhat thankful for that in a messed up way, because I think that if I hadn't hated so hard on my body in the past, I wouldn't work as hard as I do now...and I will admit, I feel a lot better about my body nowadays than I ever did as a teenager, even after two kids.

I guess I've always felt I had something to prove. Never the prom queen type, not the thinnest, not even near the prettiest...I was just sort of somewhere lost in the middle of it all. I didn't find myself to be highly noticeable, despite my love for attention {middle child syndrome, anyone?} I could go on an on about the stupid fad diets I've tried, the eating disorder tendencies, the pills...I've done it all. {Not in a LONG time, but if you've heard of it, I've probably attempted it.} But that's not what this post is about, thankfully I'm past all of that, however, it does give you an idea of the lengths I've been willing to go.

So where does that bring me now? Well, I still come down hard on myself a lot. Although, I have come a long way in terms of my body confidence - I mean, that picture in the right-hand column took a lot of guts to put up. I even look at it sometimes and cringe, wondering "does anyone think I'm sorta fat in that pic, or that I think I'm ridiculously hot, but not?" See, that's the ugly side of my mind. Immediately negative about myself {note: I do NOT think I'm ridiculously all}. But nonetheless, I'm glad I posted it because I'm a visual person and that picture reminds me where I am {which ain't that bad I suppose} but also that I've got some improvements that could be made.

So what point am I trying to get to? Well, I'd say for the most part, I generally feel pretty good about my post-two-babies body. I know I've worked hard and continue to work...and that makes me proud. I also have a husband that compliments me daily, even if I have trouble accepting the compliments some days. He makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm lucky for that, because I never have to worry about working hard for him. He's happy with me as-is. He'd even take me 20 lbs heavier. The person I worry about working hard for is me. I think I weigh so much of my happiness on how I look in outfits, bikinis, au naturel...what the weight scale says...or whether I'm having a "fat" day.

These last few weeks, I don't know what it is...maybe 30 is actually hitting me physically or something, but all of a sudden, I'm extremely aware of my not-quite-as-tone-as-it-was tummy. It's like one day, it decided to stop being flat and pop a little bit. WTF...I first thought it had to do with something menstrual, or post-vacation shit...but I keep waiting, and waiting, for it to go back to "normal". And, it hasn't. I sit and feel like I have a beer belly {maybe more of a wine belly, to be accurate}. I hate that extra baby fat's like you can grab it and tell the doctor, "This is what needs to go, here, I'll hold it while you cut."

To make matters worse in my self-loathing pity party that just won't quit, one of my Facebook friends, whom I drank with every now and then at the bars downtown back in the day {she was a party-er!} now has abs that look like this {she's my age and also has two little boys, one that is under 2}:

Yeah, she posted this just the other day and my jaw dropped! I mean, I knew she had become a personal trainer in the last couple years, but seriously, mad props to her for getting to this...she must have been so motivated and determined, because that shit takes REAL work. My first thought was, "she must not drink anymore!" Then I thought, maybe I shouldn't drink anymore either. At least a lot more sparingly than I do.

Point is, I could have spiraled further down my "body image funk" phase that I've been going through, but seeing this, well, it sparked the opposite. I want this. I want my hard work to SHOW. I am going to do whatever it takes to eat clean, cut the drinking {so long to my beloved vino} and shred down to the body I know I can have.

But first, carving out the time, and dedicating that time, to fitness.

I put in my two weeks' notice with my gym job last week. Three days a week waking up at 3am and working til 8am, then heading straight to my 9-to-5, was already hurting me physically due to lack of sleep, but more importantly, it was cutting into what would be my gym time. I would always say on those days, I'd just come back after 5pm to get my workout in, but more often than not, I'd get sidetracked with something else, things would come up, errands needed ran, and quality time with my family trumped it too. I'm a morning workout person primarily. Get up and get it out of the way type of girl.

Time to get my confidence back and be the fitness freak I know I can be. Feeling comfortable in my own skin is #1.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Target Activewear & BOGO / Free Shipping Over $50

I love love love Target's activewear selection these days, don't you? I'm a fan of the Champion brand they sell, as well as a few of the others they carry. And right now, online they are having a BOGO 50% off sale and also free shipping on orders over $50.

Here are a few of my personal faves right now:

I love the idea of the built-in sports bra and this looks so comfy.

C9 by Champion® Women's Fit and Flare Tank

I tried this one on the other day, and it is actually really flattering. The length is just right too.

C9 by Champion® Women's Mesh Short with Compression

These shorts are great for running. Definitely taking advantage of the BOGO 50% off to have a few pairs for my training runs!

C9 by Champion® Women's Seamless Racer Bra
This is by far my favorite sport bra. Reasonably priced, comfortable and great support. I stock up when there's a sale - and this BOGO sale is one of the best sales I've seen on them!

Take a look at Target's online collection of activewear. What are your favorite pieces?

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just Go. No Excuses.

So did anyone join in on yesterday's Pinterest Fitness Board Challenge? I'm urging you to do this along with me. I tell you, the one I did last night was pretty darn good. And today's well, today's is killer. It's the 100 Workout.

I think just the 100 jumping jacks to start off was quite the task. I managed to get it done though - I'm the only one working in my office right now and it used to be a yoga studio or something so it's perfect for workouts - I basically took a 15 minute break and just knocked it out. But killer, yes. Don't worry - I'm wearing workout clothes at work right now...because I also decided I will be running on my lunch breaks in order to train for my first half marathon. Here are my run stats for today's run:

Aren't I so lucky to work right on the water? Here's a pic of the bridge I was on:

And I took this one while on the bridge:

I realize those stats aren't amazing, but here are my lame excuses, in case you were interested:
  1. It was hot and humid and noon.
  2. I should have drank more water this morning before my run.
  3. I walked some - but I did a lot of sprinting too {working on endurance}.
  4. I let myself get sidetracked by the view and deep thoughts on some of my walking moments.
  5. I'm pathetic and I should have never fallen out of running after coming so far at the end of last year.
  6. I need a better playlist.
Yeah, #5. I do not need to make excuses! I just need to keep kicking my ass.

I'm actually headed to the gym later for some strength-training - Biceps/Triceps/Chest Day.

What are your fitness plans for today? Hopefully you'll consider this Pinterest challenge - what have you got to lose?

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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Pinterest Fitness Board Challenge

OK, let's be know the deal...just about everyone who has a Pinterest account also has one of their pin boards dedicated to fitness. And you know the running jokes out there about it:

Funny Confession Ecard: Yes, I am working on my diet and exercise plan on Pinterest... While eating an Icee...and thin mints. Don't judge me.

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Pinterest; Where I spend my days drooling over pictures of fitness models & comfort food.

Funny Confession Ecard: I'm so exhausted from working-out all week long posting work-outs on Pinterest.

Pinterest: Thank you for making me want to workout like a complete psycho and eat desserts all night... simultaneously.

Yep, you get it. You pin the workouts, but do you ever really DO them?

I have 196 fitness pins on my I ♥ Fitness board on Pinterest - some are just motivational quotes and such, you know, but some are some really great workout ideas. While I've done a few, I definitely haven't tried nearly enough, or nearly close to all.

What is the point of pinning the workouts if I never end up doing them?????!!!!

Well, that stops here, people. I'm going to challenge myself...and I'm also presenting this challenge to you.

Do ONE Pinterest workout from your board per day until you have done them all. {You never know, you may discover one you really like and want to use a lot!}

I will keep you updated on my challenge progress - and which "pins" I'm doing each day. You are highly encouraged to present this challenge to your followers on your blog. All I ask is the following:

1. You use the "Pinterest Fitness Board Challenge" Logo in your post and/or your blog's sidebar and link back to The Gym Bunny. Link your post to the linky tool below. You may also link your Twitter and Facebook so we can all follow each other through this challenge.

2. You follow my blog via one or more of the following {all links in column to the right}:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter - use #pinterestfitnessboardchallenge on any post pertaining to the challenge
  • BlogLovin 
3. You recommend your followers to follow me as they join in on the challenge as well.
As you complete each pin on your board, add the hashtag #pinterestfitnessboardchallenge to your pin's description. 
4. Make update posts on your blog to let us know how you're doing, what you're doing - and even post the pins themselves in your post for us to see - maybe we'll find a new workout pin to add to our boards for the challenge! 

5. Have fun and stay motivated!

So that's it! It's really not a lot - it's up to you! If you don't yet have a fitness board on your Pinterest page, I recommend that you create one! 

So here is the first pin on my pinboard that I plan on taking on today {and it's a doozie}:

Feel free to pin this one to your board and take it on as well! Good luck!

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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

I want to extend a huge "thank you" on this Independence Day to the servicemen and women that have made our freedom in our country possible and continue to fight for that freedom every day. Thank you to my husband, Jake, who proudly serves with the USCG, going on 10 years soon.  It is a huge sacrifice to be away from those you love, to risk your life for others and to do the right thing. May all of those that serve and have served know how very important and appreciated they are.

And as for the rest of you, have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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