Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tabata Tuesday

Tabata training (aka, the Tabata Protocol) is a type of high intensity interval training that follows a specific format:
  • 20 seconds of a very high intensity exercise (e.g., sprints) - it is up to you to perform these at 80-90% exertion {talking should be pretty much impossible}
  • 10 seconds of rest
  • Repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes 
Find out more here

I hope for this series to be a weekly go-to for you fitness lovers. It's a great, quick exercise that you can easily carve into your day. If you've got four minutes, you've got time for Tabata. If you're even more rockstar, you can repeat the 4-minute circuit 5x for a 20 min HIIT workout. 
I recommend downloading a Tabata timer app. I use Tabata+ Lite. I love that it automatically provides a few seconds to set up before it goes right into your first 20 seconds.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015


I have been questioning myself a lot lately. As I sit staring at the last 4 lbs of this 57-lb pregnancy gain...I know I'm SO close...but not as close as I'd like to think because we all know the last 5 or so lbs are the HARDEST to lose. Hell, I've been having trouble since the last 15 considering I reached that point in like October...it's friggin' February already. Four months later and I've only lost about 10 lbs in that time?


My issue has without a doubt been my focus. I've been going up and down week to week with it. Some weeks I am spot on...other weeks I am too crazed, hectic and yeah, I'll even say a little lazy, and my focus goes out the window. Going back to work a few weeks ago hasn't helped...considering my opportune workout time now is pretty much 4:30am. Can you say "snooze"?

Ironically enough, my passion is fitness...yet I spend way more time on my fashion/lifestyle blog than I do here. Yes, I have a passion for fashion too, but I don't think it in any way comes close to trumping my passion for fitness. Maybe if I put more focus into this blog, I'd be more focused on my fitness day to day. I've realized, for me, it's easier to be focused on fitness when I'm already looking great and I have something I can be proud of staring back at me when I look in the mirror. Post-pregnancy, I get angry and I get down on myself...and it ruins my focus. It's not the right attitude. I need to push through my resentment of what I see in the mirror and stay focused on the goal, even if it's hard to see whether I'm getting there or not. 


The way I see it now, there are about 2-3 months left until the weather will be bikini-appropriate and dammit, I promised myself I'd rock a bikini by this summer and be proud doing it! 

The plan is going to go like this...I've made the decision to hold off on Body Beast and first do a round of Insanity. I never really follow the plan with Insanity, I typically do 3-4 of the DVDs in rotation and that works for me. So to call it a round is not really accurate. I just want to spend a good 30-45 days staying consistent with those DVDs and then move onto Body Beast in April, with a lot more outdoor running {because the weather will be so much nicer for it and I'll be able to take the kids without feeling like they're freezing in the jogging stroller - a big reason why I'm not running so much right now}. I love Body Beast, I really do, but I feel my focus right now needs to be a lot of cardio and HIIT to lose a lot of the fat layer and tone what I already have. Then I can focus on building more muscle.

That's all for now...wanted to provide a little update. And I plan to be here a bit more often...stay focused. 

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