Saturday, October 25, 2014

Losing Sight Of Your Goals // Re-Boot

First of all, I apologize for TWO MONTHS of no posts. I have been alive and well at my daily lifestyle blog, California To Carolina, but I have horribly neglected this blog and I really need to get out of that bad pattern.

I think the main reason has been that I don't feel I've had much to share since my last few posts back in August. I'm still battling the postpartum weight {15 lbs to go!}, but I've definitely gotten in a rut of sorts...I've been at the same weight for a couple weeks now...I've definitely plateaued. And then of course, I'm fighting internally with my disappointment at how hard the weight is to lose this time hard I am working...and feeling like it is just "unfair" that I have to kick my ass so hard to see results after pregnancy, when so many of my friends seemingly shrink right back down with little to no effort at all. I just want to be back in a pair of pre-prego jeans, damnit! {Is that too much to ask?} I feel at nearly 6 months postpartum now, I should be there. So I then have some moments of retaliation...basically saying "f*** it", I'm going to just eat what I want, drink my wine and throw in the towel {which of course, I really don't want to do, but sometimes my frustration takes over}.

So all that being said, I need to reboot. I need to get back on the motivation train. For the last several weeks, I've been doing a few classes at the gym each week, running with the kids in the stroller and just hitting the gym in general {when there is not a class I want to take}. So I definitely haven't "thrown in the towel" at all, but I know I'm at a point where I need to take it up a notch - in my exercise and in my diet.

Truth be told, my diet probably needs the most work. I'm always generally pretty healthy, but I have not been super-strict as I was a couple months ago when I started the meal prepping. I sort of got lax with that. My husband, however, did GREAT, and is down nearly 30 lbs {friggin' men}. I think seeing him lose the weight so quickly pissed me off even more! {No, seriously, I'm happy for him and glad I could get him motivated.} And then, of course, there is my infatuation with wine. I find that glass {or two} after a long day of watching the kids, cleaning the house and what-have-you, is so enticing and hard to give up. However, I'm at a point where I need to take some drastic measures...and I think cutting back on that {a lot} is something I really need to do. I think in the long run, not seeing the results I want with how hard I work pains me more than giving up wine for a little while. Lastly, I need to start up the meal prep again...there's really no excuse not to. I've got a date with the grocery store and my kitchen tomorrow.

Three months ago, I posted my stats for my tracking purposes. Here is what they were then:

Weight: 173 lb {Height 5'7"}
R & L Bicep {unflexed}: 11.25"
L Thigh: 22.5"
R Thigh: 21.5"
Waist: 33"
Hips: 40.5"

These are my stats now:

Weight: 160 lbs
R & L Bicep {unflexed}: 11"
L Thigh: 21.25"
R Thigh: 21.25"
Waist: 31.5"
Hips: 38.25"

So yes, obviously there has been progress. I've lost 13 lbs and almost 6 inches total in the last 14 weeks. I am happy that I've averaged a loss of about a pound a week, but I know had I been strict on myself the whole time, I could have done better. Well, it's time to do better. I still have my goal to have this weight gone by the end of the year. That gives me just over 9 weeks to knock off 15 lbs...which is a daunting task, but if I stay motivated, I can do it.

Anyway, in the last week, I've started adding running in {solo, so I can push harder} when Jake gets home from work in the evenings so he can handle the kids for me. I'm signed up for my first postpartum 5K race on November 1st.

And we will be in Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving, so I am doing their Turkey Trot 8K.

I think running will help make a big difference in the coming weeks. Once DST ends, my runs will be in the morning before I help get Tanner ready for will be nice to have them out of the way. I will also be adding some Insanity workouts into my routine, especially on days I can't get to the gym.

Anywho, I hope I'm not being a downer, it's not my intention...I just want to be raw and honest about this process - and the truth is, it's not easy and it's got its ups and downs. It's helpful to me and I hope maybe someone else out there struggling with weight loss might be encouraged to reboot as well.

Stay Happy & Healthy!

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