In the past, I’ve been called a “gym rat”. I’m fairly well-known at whatever gym I go to purely because of my rate of attendance. However, I’ve never really loved the term “gym rat”. It’s not very cute, is it? Much like a snowboarder chick might be termed a “snow bunny”, or a beach-dwelling babe a “beach bunny”, I prefer the term “gym bunny” when it comes to my hobby.

Much cuter.

My name is Morgan and I live in Charleston, SC with my husband, our two sons and one daughter, and our Boston Bulldog, Sugar. I aspire to be a personal trainer someday. I am a former competitive dancer and group fitness instructor, having taught classes such as Cardio Dance & Sculpt and Cardio Hip Hop. My favorite calorie-burning activities are dancing, barre classes, strength-training, Spin classes, running and Bikram Yoga - and of course, chasing and keeping up with my ever-active two young sons, Tanner & Breckin, and our newest addition as of May 2014, Farrah. Even though I'm a longtime lover of health and fitness, I admit I am never done learning. I am addicted to learning more and more. I read health and fitness books, blogs and magazines constantly. I enjoy incorporating new advice or moves/activities into my fitness routine, to eventually find what works best for me, or simply just to change it up. I have gained a lot of knowledge on health and fitness throughout my life and enjoy sharing that information with family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, or even complete strangers if they ever ask. I hope to share with you my personal fitness lifestyle while also inspiring you to keep working on yours.

The Gym Bunny is a place for fitness thoughts, triumphs, tips and trends. Stop by for daily motivation, inspiration, knowledge and new workout ideas.

Thank you so much for stopping by; I hope this won't be the last time you visit. If you like what you see, I'd greatly appreciate a follow via any of my links in the right-hand column. Pick your poison - pick a few of them!

Wish you health and happiness!

*I also write a lifestyle/fashion blog called California To Carolina. Would love for you to check it out.

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Becky @ Olives n Wine said...

Hi Morgan! Just swinging by after you left a comment on my blog :) I can't wait to follow your journey and I'm sure I'll be there with you once the little guy is out of me ;)