Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just Go. No Excuses.

So did anyone join in on yesterday's Pinterest Fitness Board Challenge? I'm urging you to do this along with me. I tell you, the one I did last night was pretty darn good. And today's well, today's is killer. It's the 100 Workout.

I think just the 100 jumping jacks to start off was quite the task. I managed to get it done though - I'm the only one working in my office right now and it used to be a yoga studio or something so it's perfect for workouts - I basically took a 15 minute break and just knocked it out. But killer, yes. Don't worry - I'm wearing workout clothes at work right now...because I also decided I will be running on my lunch breaks in order to train for my first half marathon. Here are my run stats for today's run:

Aren't I so lucky to work right on the water? Here's a pic of the bridge I was on:

And I took this one while on the bridge:

I realize those stats aren't amazing, but here are my lame excuses, in case you were interested:
  1. It was hot and humid and noon.
  2. I should have drank more water this morning before my run.
  3. I walked some - but I did a lot of sprinting too {working on endurance}.
  4. I let myself get sidetracked by the view and deep thoughts on some of my walking moments.
  5. I'm pathetic and I should have never fallen out of running after coming so far at the end of last year.
  6. I need a better playlist.
Yeah, #5. I do not need to make excuses! I just need to keep kicking my ass.

I'm actually headed to the gym later for some strength-training - Biceps/Triceps/Chest Day.

What are your fitness plans for today? Hopefully you'll consider this Pinterest challenge - what have you got to lose?

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