Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Still Tasty

In an effort to plan my meals better, I've started cooking batches of things ahead of time - i.e. quinoa, tilapia fillets, chicken breasts, etc.

I've found myself wondering the proper storage for these items once cooked...and how long they will be good for. I've of course gone to the internet as my answer source. Today, I stumbled upon an AWESOME site.

Still Tasty
Still Tasty
You literally type in any kind of food...

...choose whether it's cooked or uncooked...

...and -voila!- you have your answer on the proper storage and length of time it will still be good to eat.

I told you, awesome, right?

Right now I'm eating some reheated quinoa and tilapia I made a couple of days ago. 

I feel my diet is where I need the most change. I am pretty good overall with my diet, but I do let myself indulge a little more than I probably should...and often it's due to lack of preparation. When I have my meals and snacks in a lunch cooler ready to go on work days, it makes it so much easier to stay on track.

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