Thursday, June 20, 2013

A 13 in 2013

This goal must be met, people. My goal to run a half marathon sometime in this lifetime. What better year for a 13-miler than 2013? It sounds so unlucky that it just might be lucky.

I have decided to make a goal of the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon again this year.

It was my half marathon goal last year that I never made good on. It is on October 20th. This would put my official 16-week training start date on July 1st. I actually plan to get back into running over this next week and a half so that I am ready to be in training mode on July 1st.

Here is my 16-week training plan:

It's going to be a challenge, and I know that {especially with the Charleston, SC heat and humidity in July and August!} But I really want this...I have for a long time...and it's high time I got my ass in gear and got it done!

I plan on updating y'all throughout the training...follow me on Facebook and Twitter for my RunKeeper app updates. I use that app on my iPhone to track my mileage and time - I love it.

Wish me luck and keep me motivated with your support!

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Random Update: See above where I mentioned that a 13 in 2013 "sounds so unlucky it just might be lucky"? Well, I just happened to look over at my blog archive and realize this is also my 13th post since starting the blog!

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