Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You Snooze, You {Don't} Lose

Weight, that is.

For many people, fitness is hard to squeeze in to the often busy and hectic lives we live these days. A lot of us start the day rushing to get the kids and ourselves ready for the day, then rushing to get everyone to their respective destinations and at times may not return home until there's just barely time left to get a meal on the table. Where does a workout fit into this kind of life?

Well, what I just described above is pretty much what my life seems like most days. Especially now that it's summer time, my kids are in their daycare and day camp and then the hubs and I each work all day. After work, there's usually an activity, or beach time, or pool time for the boys...and then of course managing to get dinner on the table and get them through their bedtime routines. So when am I working out amidst all of this?


That's AM, people.

That's right, I have to start before the hectic day even begins - while everyone else is still enjoying themselves in dreamland.

On M, W & F, I actually HAVE to be out of bed by 3:30am because I am my gym's opener those days and have to be there by 4:30am {an extra side job I picked up that gave me the perk of a free membership}. So what I've been doing is waking up a half hour earlier to get there at 4am and do some cardio before I start. It's not a full workout, but it gets that out of the way and I normally find time to get some strength training in later in the day.

On Tues and Thurs, I get to "sleep in" until 5:00am. I get ready, get to the gym around 5:30-5:45am and workout until 6:45am. I get home around 7am to relieve hubby and let him get to work while I freshen up and finish getting the boys ready to head out the door at 8am.

It's not easy. On Tues and Thurs, I definitely want to hit the snooze and just tell myself I'll workout "later". But I know that I might really not if the day gets away from me or exhausts me completely. So what do I do to make it easier for myself to just get up and go those days?

This is key for me. I read this advice somewhere once and thought, "now
 that's genius". If I actually have to get myself up and out of bed to turn off the buzzer, I'll be likely to just stay up and go. After all, it's the getting up that is the real battle in the first place.
If I can make it so I have to do the least possible in the morning, I am more likely to go. I don't have to rummage through drawers in the dark or try to find the right gear.


This might not be for everyone, but if I'm already clean and ready to go, that is that much less time I need in the morning to get out the door and to the gym. Otherwise, I'd need to get up 15 min earlier than I already do. I jump in and rinse off really quick when I get back from the gym.

Good news is, your body tends to get on a new schedule in two weeks time, so hopefully it will only get easier and easier for you to roll out of bed. I hope some of these tips work for you if you decide to be an early riser for your workouts.


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