Monday, June 3, 2013

Working Out Makes You Happier? Say WHAT??

I read an article recently that just BLEW MY MIND. Check it out for yourself...I mean, the title alone had me skeptical.

STUDY: Working Out Makes You Happier

Oh, I should probably add this little disclaimer for anyone that either does not know me or has not read any of my blogs before: I am a very sarcastic person.

OF COURSE working out makes you happier! This is news to some people?

The first paragraph I read in the article sort of made me roll my eyes and want to close the webpage. {But I didn't because I'm nice.}

"Break a sweat, beat the blues. Physical activity fights off depression, finds new research from Belgium." 

I mean, I would say it's a pretty factual statement, so this article is not misleading, but who the heck in Belgium is just now deciding to study this? "New research"? I think someone's wasting their time...time that they could probably be using to "break a sweat" and "beat the blues". This stuff has been researched a looooooong time ago...and it's sort of got that "well, duh" notion to it by this point. {Thank you, Dr. Obvious.}

Though, regardless that this "new" research is actually old news, it's definitely the truth. And I respect the little reminder they were trying to give. 

Some people look at working out like a pain in the ass - like it requires too much time and effort. It hurts, it's challenging...yada, yada. What they might fail to realize is that once they get their ass in real, regular, regimented gear...they will fall in love with fitness. They will crave the endorphins, the mental high, the mood boost. They will see areas of their life become less stressful because they will be naturally happier and able to handle stressful situations better. They'll find that they want to go work out when they are tired because they will know it's what their body is telling them it needs. The energy will spike and they'll be able to live a life more fulfilling, with more zest.

So go on, get happy.

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Taylor Collins said...

UGH but someone should tell us how to be motivated to exercise when you do hate it. I know i need to.. its bathing suit season...

Morgan S. said...

Taylor Collins - you are my blog's first ever commenter!! Love you, girl - and miss you! In response to your "inquiry", I've learned that you have to really WANT it to get motivated. Something just has to click and make you decide that this is something you want to be dedicated to. I wish it were easier, but when people enter it with the "blah" attitude, they tend not to stick with it. So get "gung-ho" and you'll see that you end up loving it. Oh, and PLEASE...we all know you rock a's really not fair. LOL. xoxo